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Use this free Weight Watchers Points calculator to calculate the points in the foods you eat. The one on this page will show you the points value for the original system (old method). Scroll down the page for this version of the points calculation.

This WW points calculator should be used by Weight Watcher members only.  You need to fully understand the Weight Watcher's program for these points to be useful to you.  There is much more to Weight Watchers than just their points system.


Food Points Calculator

Converter Tab
This calculator not only let you calculate your points based on the calories, fat and fiber, but also allows you to track your total points for the day. Simply click on the second tab marked "converter" to start the process.

Once you are on this tab type in the total calories, fat grams and select the fiber content. You can only select up to a total of 4 grams of fiber as this is all that most programs use for their points system.

Anything over 4 grams of fiber will not change the total points for that food item. Once you have entered all the information, click on "calculate" to get your total points.

Today Tab
Once you have calculated the total points, then click on the first tab marked "today" to start recording your points. You will see that the points for the food item you just calculated is already pre-populated into the points column row.

You can add your own personal notes for these points in the second row. For example, you can enter "wheat toast" if that was the item you calculated. Once you have entered your notes click on the "add" button to add it to your daily points total.

So long as you use the same computer and do not "reset" the points (or clear your web history) then these points will accumulate each time you enter new information into this points calculator.

Points List Tab
You can always view your daily points history on the points list tab. This will list each of the points you have added along side the notes you added. By reviewing your points history you can make adjustments for the next day if needed to keep you within your points system. Remember when you are reviewing your daily points you also take into consideration your weekly allowance points.

Points Calculator - Starting Over
To start over the next day using this calculator, simply click on the "reset" button on the "today" tab to start back to square one on counting your points.  Good luck and happy calculating.