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Healthy Weight Loss

Weight Loss Made Simple

The concept of healthy weight loss is defined by a specific change to your body as a direct result of weight loss. This is a positive change that re-shapes your body, produces lasting results, and significantly improves your overall health.

Other types of weight loss are defined by negative changes that occur to your body. These are unhealthy ways to lose weight and, ultimately, cause you to gain weight and suffer a lifetime of dieting.

By losing body fat, the drop in total weight is significant. Your health immediately improves, your body re-shapes becoming toned and tight, and the results are long lasting.

But that's only half of it. Healthy weight loss is not only defined by the loss of body fat, but also is defined by preserving muscle.

Muscle is very metabolically active and burns calories throughout the day. With only a few extra calories remaining, your body converts and stores less body fat.

Storing less body fat stabilizes your new weight and allows you to enjoy long lasting results. Toning major muscle groups is your best protection against future weight gain.

Take home message...muscle keeps weight off!

Healthy weight loss is defined by a loss of body fat and a preservation of muscle tissue. By burning body fat and not muscle, your total weight drops significantly and you're protected from gaining weight in the near future.

Please consult a physician before starting any diet program.

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