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Weight Loss Made Simple             

By Jennifer Murray

Slim-Fast first became available in 1977 and has been a popular diet plan over the years, with hundreds of millions of dollars in Slim-Fast products sold each year. From powdered mix to pre-packaged shakes, soups, and snack bars, the Slim-Fast plan offers dieters a convenient way to lose weight. While the Slim-Fast diet plan does offer some benefits, there are potential drawbacks to this meal replacement program as well.

How the Slim-Fast Diet Works

The Slim-Fast diet is a calorie-restricted partial meal replacement plan. Dieters drink two Slim-Fast shakes per day, one shake for breakfast and a shake plus 200 calories from fruits or vegetables for lunch. Slim-Fast shakes come in a variety of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Dieters are encouraged to eat a healthy, balanced dinner consisting of up to 600 calories. Slim-Fast bars are eaten as snacks between meals, if desired. Portions are controlled and if a dieter replaces two meals with shakes and eats two snack bars and a 600-calorie dinner, total calories per day is in the 1,500 range. The manufacturer of Slim-Fast promises an average weight loss of two pounds per week if the diet is strictly followed.

Using Slim-Fast shakes and bars to lose weight offers convenience since dieters only need to plan and prepare one meal a day, which is a plus for those who lead busy lives. Dieters are encouraged to avoid foods with no nutritional value such as chips, candy, and soda, which is important when trying to lose weight. The Slim-Fast plan also recommends frequent exercise and eating high-fiber foods. There are some studies suggesting that Slim-Fast does work as a short-term weight loss solution.

Drawbacks of Slim-Fast

While convenient, Slim-Fast shakes can be expensive. On average, 6 ready-to-drink shakes cost $7.50. The powdered mix costs approximately $9 and provides 14 servings; a little less expensive than the pre-packaged shakes, although if dieters choose the powder, the cost of milk must be factored in to the total cost. As with any meal replacement shake program, drinking liquid meal replacements can become boring since there is not a lot of variety in meals. Oftentimes when there is not enough variety, dieters will overeat or suffer from binge eating. The Slim-Fast diet really isn't family-friendly, which is something a lot of dieters want in a diet plan.

Please consult a physician before starting any diet program.

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