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How to Use a Weight Loss Journal

Weight loss journals are a helpful aide for anyone trying slim down. Not only do weight loss journals keep you honest, they help articulate why you can’t lose weight. If you use a journal properly, it can help speed up your journey towards a smaller body. Here’s how to use a weight loss journal.


Things You'll Need: Journal, Pen or Pencil, Patience, Honesty

  1. Pick up a weight loss journal. It can be a formal one that you get from a group, such as Weight Watchers, or it can be a three-ring paper binder. In other words, your journal needs to be something that you can write in. Nothing more.
  2. Keep your weight loss journal in an area that you can access easily. This way, you won’t forget to write in it.
  3. Write in your weight loss journal daily. What you write should be a daily list of what you ate and how much you exercised. You should list times and how you were feeling prior to, during and after you ate. Do the same for your exercise; it will help you see the importance of it.
  4. Evaluate your weight loss journal on a weekly basis. You can do this during a reflective time or you can do it in a group. Either way, reviewing your journal entries and deciding what is impacting your weight will help you. Are you an emotional eater? Do you overeat out of habit? Maybe you are eating healthier and exercising, but your weight gain is associated with an illness. These are the things you should be looking for in your weight loss journal. Be honest as you work through this step. If you lie to yourself, you won’t lose weight.
  5. Change your habits based on what you discover in your weight loss journal. If you eat out of emotion, you may want to seek help to gain emotional stability. If you overeat because of habit, you will want to form a new habit. Use your weight loss journal as a guide.
  6. Use your weight loss journal as a safety barometer after you lose the weight. Keep using your weight loss journal as a way to stay on track. It will show you if you are falling back into old, harmful eating patterns.

Tips & Warnings

Be honest in your weight loss journal. It's the only way to help yourself learn why you are overweight and write legibly in your journal, so you can read it later.

Please consult a physician before starting any diet program.

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